Hi my name is Shawn. I am a loving father, online Entrepreneur and have been a public servant for 15 years.

I, like so many of you was looking for another source of income that wouldn’t take me away from my family anymore than my job already did.

I had tried and failed numerous times. Invested thousands of dollars with no results. Then the right inspiration hit me, people do business with people, not products.

Products are a dime a dozen, but personal relationships last forever. Once I figured out that formula I hit the ground running.

It was not easy being that I’m a natural introverted person. But my desire to help others and to provide for my family helped me to overcome my fears.

If you are trying to learn a new way to provide for your family like me and are nervous about sales or interacting with new people like I was.

Click the button below and learn how I was able to do it and be able to rise levels in different companies and build multiple successful teams