Introducing Social Growth Partner

Social media platforms are such a huge part of our day to day living & very crucial for businesses when it comes to marketing & advertising. So your social media profiles need to be full & active with engagement. Presence is very important. If you drove by a club and seen no line outside, chances are you kept riding by. But, if you drove by and seen a line around the building, it would peek your interest about whats going on inside. Your social media works the same way. Next would be ranking your post & videos on social media. Using these services can do just that.

Understanding Social Media Hyper Growth

The biggest misconception of purchasing followers, likes, views, etc is not to look famous even tho that’s what most try to do.

But it’s about algorithms. If me and you make the same post but I have more followers (even mostly bought) and I get couple thousand bought likes. Instagram & Facebook will show my post to more organic users than your post. Because the algorithm is scoring my engagement & ranking me higher.

The second part is presence, yes. If we both own a tire & rim shop. A customer looking to buy a set, they see you & me but I got way more likes, followers, & engagement, chances are they’ll call me for a quote first.

Kylie Jenner, at just 21, the worlds youngster self-made billionaire, only has an estimated 60% “real” followers. Why? Because her marketing team understands algorithms! Every post is an advertisement for something & every post reaches somebody new that wasn’t following her.

It’s just business. So you’re struggling to be “organic” while those you see winning are working the system to actually show their posts to more organic users.

99.9% of people don’t understand this & 99.9% of other companies will just sell you a dream. “Buy followers, you’ll be famous tomorrow”

If I go to your page and you got 234 followers, I go ehhh not really popping. But If I land there & see 35.4k I go alright let me see what you got. Now it’s on you and your post to resonate with me. And the last thing I’m doing is clicking your followers. I could care less at that point. Your high follower count already gave me good vibes & has me checking out your post. That’s the goal!

You got the product or service I’m looking for, who follows you or likes your posts is 100% irrelevant. By you boosting your social pages, you’ve been put you in front of me with the service I was looking for.